Solutions for Artificial Lift

Having accumulated sufficient experience in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as having excellent potential and experience of our employees and business partners, in 2021 we open a new direction for the supply and service of equipment for artificial lift, such as ESP, PCP, rod pumps etc.


Progressive Cavity Pumps

We offer the solutions from the leading manufacturers such as Rimera Group, New Technologies, RUNAKO, NETZSCH, KUDU, Weatherford, FLEXON, Integrity Lift, etc.
As a partner of the leading Russian and global manufacturers of PCPs, as well as relying on more than 15 years of global experience in this area of our partners and personnel, we are confident in the possibility of building mutually beneficial cooperation between the CLient and our company.
At the same time, we help our Clients to navigate a wide range of products on the global market and choose the equipment that can be used most effectively based on their needs and technical conditions.