Completion Tools Of Choice

Liner Hangers

We offer PRIMESET Liner Hanger from PackersPlus that uses premium sealing technology to packoff the annulus and secure the liner in intermediate casing for both cemented and open hole applications. Along with conventional hanger slips, the liner hanger uses a liner seal and holddown slips that can withstand differential pressures up to 15,000 psi and rated up to V0 


Open Hole Packer

Our openhole isolation packers combine rugged simplicity and high-integrity performance. These technologies—which can be deployed individually or as part of an integrated completion system―improve formation stability, reduce fluid diversions, and streamline your fracturing operations.

Production Packer

The ASI-X Single String Double-Grip Production Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any production application. This packer is suited for treating, testing, or injection applications, in pumping or flowing wells, either deep or shallow. Production packers for other well conditions and applications are available on request

Service Packers

We offer The Crest III Packer that is a weight set service packer for high-pressure remedial work such as acidizing, fracturing, and squeeze cementing. It sets with minimal tubing manipulation and will withstand differential from above or below. Available in different sizes for various types of well completion

SUREjet Packer

The SUREjet Annular Frac Packer is a multi-set, single grip, compression set packer designed to provide isolation in cased hole fracturing operations. A specially developed sand friendly continuous jay and integral bypass system allows reliable run, set and retrieving during fracturing operations comnined with abrasive perforation.

Straddle Stimulation Packer

The SUREstraddle system is a next generation of straddle tools. Two versions are available in 6,000 and 10,000 psi (41 and 69 MPa) rated tools. Both tools take advantage of the reliable SUREjet packer as the bottom sealing element and a high flow sub with Gryphon’s unique coating as the communication port ensuring reliable fracturing.

Swellable Packer

We offer Swellable Packers from Tendeka that provide a permanent packer solution suitable for many applications where a pressure seal or zonal isolation is required. Packers are available with oil and water swellable rubber elements as well as a retrievable completion option


Inflatable Casing Packers (ICP)

Inflatable Casing Packers (ICP) provide a reliable, efficient solution for zonal isolation over the life of the well. Custom-engineered and field proven, our ICP tools are engineered to perform in cemented wellbores and open hole completions for a broad scope of applications including cement integrity, selective reservoir stimulation, and isolation of oil, gas and water zones. 

We are here to help you solve your toughest well completion goals

Production efficiency comes with the proper well design and completion. We offer and deliver best-in-class technologies and tools to meet and exceed your expectation to be sure in well integrity and performance