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Multistage fracturing ECHO DC dissolvable sleeve systems


The Echo DC multistage fracturing system is a hydraulic fracturing sleeve system with dissolvable cartridge / plug designed for open hole or cemented completions. 

Dissolvable Fracturing Plug is a breakthrough design available in a variety of compositions to meet specific downhole requirements. 

The Echo DC plug assures both exceptional performance and reliable dissolution in traditional brine environments, high or lower temperatures. 

This range of performance is attainable due to extensive research into advanced alloy technologies, and the creation of the ideal mix of materials and product design, centered around achieving the ideal downhole performance characteristics

ECHO DC fracturing cartridge and sleeve system

The Echo DC multistage fracturing system with dissolvable cartridge and sleeve system designed for open hole or cemented completions. Each sleeve is opened by pumping a selective cartridge down to the matching profiles in the sleeves. The cartridges are fully dissolvable post fracturing, requiring no further intervention. This system provides full bore access before and after fracturing operations, allowing higher pump rates and well flow at full potential, without ball seat restriction or milling operations

Echo DC cement wiper plug

Echo DC cement wiper plug is designed to clean cement from the extended larger I.D. areas of the wellbore while being able expand and collapse without buckling to maintain its cleaning action in cavities of valve sleeves

Echo initial.jpg
Test was conducted with 3% KCL Water at 75°C
Echo after12 hrs.jpg
Sleeve Testing 12 Hours
Echo after 24 hrs.jpg
Sleeve Testing 24 Hours
Echo after 29 hrs.jpg
Sleeve Testing 29 Hours
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