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Achieve Your High Production Goals With Proper Engineering

Optimize your production enhancement projects from well design to wellsite execution through our personnel deployment and project optimization capabilities. With growing adoption of artificial intelligence and digital automation tools in reservoir modelling and job planning you will benefit from improved well construction and completion, fracturing and production stimulation at accelerated learning curves.


We support you with engineering, design and modelling for Well Stimulation projects


Our team assist you in adoption and implementation of the innovative equipment and technologies 

Our Clients benefit from the latest technologies available on the market in upstream customized to the each particular case to lower the overall costs and increase the productivity of assets. The operations are executed by individuals with vast experience in the largest world-wide service companies who are encouraged to think and act in a team. Through a culture of interdependence with our engineers and field supervisors our Clients see gains in operational efficiency and repeatability. Our commitment to lean operations, teamwork, and ongoing technology advancement will help you achieve consistent well delivery—from contract award to the final project close out.

As our Client you get the throughout engineering support in partnership with GPN Technology Center in developing new technologies, engineering and advising on hydrocarbon exploration and production. Technology Center experts are involved in the design, analysis and monitoring of oilfield development and geological prospecting works, geological and hydrodynamic modelling, technological support and oversight over drilling operations.

We also cooperate with leading Research & Development companies to implement the  projects for Oil and Gas Companies from reservoir modelling to field implementation and automation.


We offer you solutions on digital and software platforms for better planning and execution

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