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Dive Into the Solutions for

Your Production Enhancement


Engineering and Modelling

We bring your wellsite operations to new levels of reliability, safety, and cost performance with innovative technologies, well engineering and modelling


Stimulation Completion Solutions

We offer the completion solutions for stimulation and fracturing designs of choice starting with ball drop frac sleeves to plug and perf operations to artificial lift systems


STEAMFLOW™ technology

Unique patented Technology  to  stimulate wells by creating  zone of high  temperature and pressure in the reservoir that create microfractures and improve permeability of treated formation


CarboFLO™ technology

CarboFLO™ technology is used in removal of formation and wellbore damage from drilling fluids (barite). It increases Oil and Gas production by  etching wormholes in the calcite rocks in reservoirs with a temperature above 90 degrees C.


Completion Accessories

Visit our WELL ARCHITECTURE SERVICE PLATFORM for wide selection of the best-in-class equipment: Liner Hanger, Mechanical Packer, Hydraulic Packer, Bow Spring Centralizer, Solid Rigid Centralizers, Cementing Plugs, Float Equipment, Stop Collars, Stage Cementing Tool, Casing Packer

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We integrate the innovative solutions  for the increase of efficiency and productivity of its customers

Non-conventional and high tech Oil &Gas wells stimulation and fracturing

Fit-for-purpose production solutions

Leading professionals with vast experience in the industry

International Partners – services and development companies

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