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Fracturing Support Equipment


Wellhead Isolation Tools

The wide range of tools allow the protection of all valves on wellhead stack including side valves and designed to allow flowback for screen outs and  equalization for wireline operations etc. The isolation tool extends through the tree or BOP, seals inside the tubing/casing below and completely isolates low pressure  surface equipment from treatment pressure, corrosion and erosion. All components are manufactured by OSES (API) and can  be designed for various tubing spool designs


Sizes vary from 2-3/8"- 3-1/2" tubing in all sizes and weights


Sizes range is from 4-1/2"- 9-5/8" casing in all sizes  and weights

Pressure Rating: 15,000 psi (can provide 20,000 psi on special request)

Frac Ball Launcher

A patented, controlled-aperture ball drop mechanism for multi-stage well stimulation. Used during the treatment process in multi-zone fracturing operations, the remotely controlled system dispenses balls automatically into the wellbore during fracturing stages. By replacing manual processes, it reduces errors and service

Ball injector
Frac stack

Frac Stack Tools

Frac stacks temporarily replace the production wellhead during pressure pumping operations. In addition to protecting an operator’s production wellhead from the effects of pressure and abrasion during the fracturing process, frac stacks allow high pressures and volumes of proppant to pass to the formation for maximum well response.

Perforation Ball Injectors

Perforation Ball Injector is used to inject balls together with a pressurized treatment solution into the well. The balls are carried down to the perforations by the acid at the rate that the acid is being pumped. The balls follow the flow towards the open perforations until they seal against the open perforations, at which point the acid and an increased pressure is applied against the perforations that are not open or not fully open. 

Ball launcher

Perforation Ball Sealers

The traditional dissolvable ball sealer material (1.2 specific gravity) has been developed and used for over 20 years in the oilfield. They are completely soluble in fluids such as freshwater, brine, and acid and are available in low, medium, and high temperature ranges from 75°F [24°C] to 300°F [149°C] to meet any reservoir conditions. Compatible with standard stimulation fluid additives and completely dissolves in hours.

Perf Sealers ZeroIn-MT lightweight dissolvable ball sealers can be used in a range from 75°F [24°C] to 200°F [93°C] and are designed to match the ball sealer to the specific gravity of the fluid such as freshwater, brine, and acid  to maximize fluid diversion. They are compatible with standard stimulation fluid additives and completely dissolves in hours.

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