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Multistage fracturing ball drop sleeve systems


We provide a number of different options for ball drop fracturing, cementable and open hole, with both millable and retrievable options in align with  well design. Our Installations are done in cooperation with Gryphon Oilfield Solutions (US) and Rimera (Russia). Ball Drop Frac sleeves are supplied with multiple open-close option allowing to control the inflow quality. Frac balls are biodegradable ensuring balls on seat do not prevent cleanup and production. The new completion system can be run and installed into the existed completed wellbore. The packers’ design allow to set in open-hole or completed wellbore to efficiently isolate the zones

NC Millable Valve

NC system is a revolutionary liner system for cemented or open hole applications. The permanently locked open, ball activated  NC valve is designed for installation in cased holes and is simple, yet economical to deploy, utilizing ball and seat technology. Balls are available in either a dissolvable or conventional millable style.

RC Millable Valve

RC Millable Valve is a ball activated fracturing sleeve. High flow circumferential ports located on the housing of the sleeve permits continuous communication to the reservoir for high pressure fracturing operations and production. Specially designed anti-rotational features are incorporated into the sleeve to ensure reliable seat mill-out performance. Utilizing a designated shifting tool, the valve sleeve can be closed to shut-off water producing intervals or for interval production evaluation

RT Retrievable Valve

RT Retrievable Valve is a ball-activated fracturing sleeve. Using a service rig or coiled tubing unit and a Gryphon retrieving tool, the seats are retrieved with a simple tag and release method. With its patented design, up to 36 seats can be retrieved in a single trip. Utilizing a designated shifting tool, the sleeve(s) can then be closed to shut-off water producing intervals or for interval production evaluation.

Read the Case Study on completion with retrievable frac ball seats

Learn how we have implemented ball drop technology for KazMunaiGas subsidiary company in West Kazakhstan

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