Turn on the Solutions for

Your Best Well Design

Multistage Fracturing Ball Drop Systems

A number of different options for ball drop fracturing, cementable and open hole, with both millable and retrievable options in align with  well design

Multistage Fracturing ECHO Dissolveble Sleeve Systems

The Echo DC multistage fracturing system is a hydraulic fracturing sleeve system with dissolvable cartridge / plug designed for open hole or cemented completions.

Multistage Fracturing Shiftable Systems

RC fracturing valve and shifting tool is engineered for coiled tubing fracturing operations. Its compact design and simple operating mechanism provides reliable tool operation requiring only one shifting tool to open and close the sleeve. Additionally, the RC valve can be utilized in multiple configurations based on isolation requirements and is suitable for re-fracturing operations.

Plug and Perf Systems

‘Plug & Perf’ technology involves pumping a frac plug down to a predetermined depth, perforating a rock, before a ball follows in to seal and isolate the wellbore.


Completion Accessories

Liner Hanger, Mechanical Packer, Hydraulic Packer, Bow Spring Centralizer, Solid Rigid Centralizers, Cementing Plugs, Float Equipment, Stop Collars, Stage Cementing Tool, Casing Packer

Fracturing and Stimulation Tools

A wide range of services used in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, including: wellhead isolation services; flowback and frac valve services; wireline and coiled tubing support services; hydraulic chokes and manifolds; blowout preventers. 


Artificial Lift

We cooperate with Integrity LIFT (Russia) for design and implementation of Progressive Cavity Pump systems for various downhole conditions.