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Old Well Re-Completion with MSF System

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

First Successful Application of Multistage Fracturing Completion in Cased Old Vertical Well

We have run four stage completion system with ball activated shiftable frac sleeves in the cased old well and multiple fracturing stimulation was performed successfully for the Client in West Kazakhstan. The effectiveness of applied technology had already been proved as the overall production surplus more than four times.

“The right approach for candidate selection, preparation works, application of quality technology of completion and multistage hydraulic fracturing have increased the probability of successful implementation.”

The successful re-completion of the well has shown that the multistage fracturing with installation of completion system in the cased hole of the existing vertical well is possible and it opens the new opportunities in development of existing brownfields with the wells with long productive intervals more than 100 meters.

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